Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Eva Mendes
A low-riding ponytail gets an elegant upgrade when balanced with volume at the crown. N.Y.C hairstylist Giannandrea blow-dried Mendes's hair and wrapped it around Velcro rollers. Afert releasing, he side parted the hair to create bangs, brushing the rest into a ponytail. He then teased sections with hairspray, anchoring them with bobby pins.

Scarlett Johansson

Babaii transformed Johansson's shoulder-length hair into a style worthy of a modern-day Grace Kelly—ideal with a skin baring gown. He started by spritzing David Babaii for Wildaid Bohemian Beach Spray on the roots before he curled her hair into allover ringlets. Next, he backcombed the hair, diminishing the tight curls but keeping the body, and swept it across the nape of the neck to one side. Freeing a 2-inch section of hair in the front, he secured the rest with bobby pins. Babaii shaped the loose hair into a few big waves with a 1-inch curling iron, using a firm hold hairspray to set.

Ellen Pompeo

To create this "sexy and understated" chignon, Harry Josh, creative consultant for John Freida Collection, washed Pompeo's hair with Weather Works by Frizz-Ease from John Freida before blowing dry 2-inch sections. Once dry, he built up volume at the crown by spraying Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Hairspray from John Freida while backcombing the hair. Josh pulled the hair into a disheveled side bun 2 inches behind Pompeo's ear and secured it with bobby pins

Penelope Cruz
For this classic half-up look, N.Y.C. stylist Danilo misted a voluminizing spray on Cruz's roots before blowing the hair dry with a mixed bristle brush. To create body and texture, he used a 2" iron and set the sections by pin-curling them. Next, he gathered the top section of hair and backcombed it for extra height. He secured the upper-section with a bobby pin and let the rest fall free, while taming flyaways.

Jessica Alba
L.A. stylist Robert Ramos diffused Alba's hair to coax out its natural wave. Next, he gave her a center part, sectioned off hair from either side of the head and French-braided it. He made smaller plaits from her bottom layer of hair, wrapping them back toward the center and pinning them. "At the back of the head, the braids should be intertwined," he explains.

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