Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Flowers: The Meaning of the Bouquet

Did you take a good look at the bouquet Catherine Middleton‘s carried along with her Alexander McQueen gown and Cartier tiara? Vera Wang commented on CNN that she loved it because it didn’t overpower the dress, and there’s a reason why. Middleton chose the flowers because of their special meanings—she carried Lily of the valleys to symbolize the return of happiness; Sweet William flowers for gallantry; hyacinths for constancy of love; ivy for fidelity, marriage, friendship and affection; and myrtle, the emblem of marriage and love. The myrtle is actually from a plant that Queen Victoria planted in 1845, and was also used in the bouquet of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding in 1947.

Courtesy of InStyle

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